About Us

Partners & Partners is founded to deliver the highest quality of exceptional tea brands and tea-wares.

Our main goal is to establish an accessible tea community for everyone, whether you’re an tea expert or a tea enthusiast we fetch you a wide range of products selection that meets your needs.

Our passion for tea made us create strong partnerships with the most exclusive tea brands that share our dedication and determination to producing the ultimate expression of every type of tea we feature. Since the origin of tea defines a key part of the drinking experience, our team of experts select the finest blends, because extraordinary combinations lead to inexhaustible creations.

Partners & Partners mission is to introduce as many people as possible to handcrafted luxury tea brands and design-driven tea-wares; with our unique identity and style we are paving our own way in featuring teas and infusions that awaken your senses to an infinite variety of flavors and emotions.

This more than a tea store site, our products are revolutionizing the art of luxury blends.