1. 1872 Puffs Speciality
    29 April, 2021

    1872 Puffs Speciality

    Step into 1872 Clipper Tea and one of the first things you’ll notice, apart from their array of tea – are their rows of colourful Tea Puffs sitting prettily in the display counter. Among the lot are 2 new hues: purple and brown, which are the Passionfruit and Hojicha flavours.

    Of course, the older favourites are still around, so you can still take your pick from Earl GreyMatchaRose, and the well-loved Milk Tea which tastes just like the drink but in pastry form.

    With a crisp craquelin covering, each pu

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  2. 1872 Clipper Tea History
    29 April, 2021

    1872 Clipper Tea History

    In 1872, a young Ceylonese by the name of Balage Porolis De Silva planted his roots in Singapore bringing along with him his love for Ceylon’s finest teas at a jewellery boutique along High Street. Hailing from Sri Lanka where having tea is a daily ritual for relaxation and enjoyment, he wanted to enhance his customers’ appreciation of jewellery with tea. This family-run business has kept his legacy of artistry and craftsmanship alive through five generations. 

    Our name, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., pays homage to the historic Clipper ships that raced to carry the freshest teas around the world. The 1872 Clipper Tea blends are widely appreciated for its consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined taste. We proudly invite you to be part of our story and to join our community of tea lovers.

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  3. Clipper Tea’s flagship store in Singapore
    29 April, 2021

    Clipper Tea’s flagship store in Singapore

    Tea-lovers would know that the best way to enjoy your brew is to be seated in comfort instead of rushing on the go – only when you’re fully relaxed can you appreciate the different notes properly. 1872 Clipper Tea recognises this, and has recently revamped their ION flagship outlet to include a new seating space so patrons no longer have to stand around while sipping.

    Along with that comes a slew of new menu items to sit down and savour, with an expanded list of tea puffstea mocktailstea lattes and more. We popped by the store to check out these tea-riffic new offerings, and here’s what you can look forward to the next time you’re there.

    1872 Clipper Tea’s newly-assembled cafe space is clean and cosy, with spotless white tables suitable for flatlay food shots. It’s a great nook for teatime with your pals, or as a “pit stop”

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