Butterfly Pea Tea 30g

Butterfly Pea Tea 30g


Butterfly Pea Tea with its earthy flavour is said to be a mood enhancer.

The Butterfly Pea Tea is said to have stress-busting effects that may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety.

30g Pouch

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The butterfly pea flower is often used when making Nyonya Kuehs, and it is no surprise why it is so popular. It is also known to refresh the brain, bolster energy levels and stamina, influence positive emotions and thereby increase productivity at work.

The natural blue colour of Butterfly Pea Tea gives it a royal touch, and we have combined this with soothing lemongrass and pandan leaves, to make it suitable for all day enjoyment.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

3 - 5 mins at 96°C - 98°C

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