Eternal Garden Tea 100g

Eternal Garden Tea 100g


Eternal Garden Tea, pure Ceylon black tea, rose petals and rose flavour.

Eternal Garden Tea, a delicate tea created by mixing pure Ceylon tea leaves with natural rose petals. An ideal evening tea accentuated by a smooth floral sweetness.

100g Pouch

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It is one of the most appreciated teas by lovers of this drink. It is a combination as aromatic as it is healthy. Delicate, fragrant and soft as a flower, this tea is smooth perfection. Enjoy love in a cup, and the glow of good health delivered by abundant antioxidants.

Delight your senses with this elegant floral blend of rose petals and our signature Ceylon tea.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot, or iced.

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

3 - 5 mins at 96°C to 98°C

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