Ginger Tea 20p

Ginger Tea 20p


Spice up your day with a zesty cup of Ginger Tea, a traditional remedy known for its wide range of health and medicinal benefits.

Ginger Tea has traditionally been used around the world for its immune system boosting properties, and research supports its effectiveness.

20p Pyramid Teabags

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Herbalists throughout the world have known of the rejuvenating, soothing, and invigorating qualities of Ginger, and Ayurvedic practitioners have used it as a way of activating the body’s internal energy to promote balance and harmony.

Ginger Tea also contains marigold flowers and cornflower petals. Best enjoyed with a hint of honey and lemon.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

5 - 7 mins at 96°C - 98°C

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