Healing Garden Tea 100g

Healing Garden Tea 100g


Healing Garden Tea - this delicious, uplifting blend will help rejuvenate and restore balance in your life!

Healing Garden Tea is a tasty mix of organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic liquorice root, organic lemon peel and organic spearmint.

100g Pouch

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An infusion of immune-boosting herbs to provide relief from colds and other minor ailments.

Historically, Ginger Root was also one of the most respected herbs for supporting joint health. Orange peel, as with all citrus peels, is used in traditional herbal medicine to support the digestive system. Licorice root is a flavorful, sweet herb that has been used for thousands of years and is still one of the most widely used herbs in all herbal systems. Lemongrass tastes great and is a warming herb that can support digestion.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

5 - 7 mins at 96°C - 98°C

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