Jasmine Pearls Tea 20p

Jasmine Pearls Tea 20p


Jasmine Pearls Tea has fragrant, long-lasting flavor and long durability

Jasmine Pearls Tea from Fujian province of China is an aromatic handmade tea, scented with jasmine flowers and presented in the form of precious pearls. A perfect gift to celebrate precious moments!

20p Pyramid Teabags

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The freshest spring buds and young leaves are picked to produce a high quality green tea, which is hand-rolled into individual pearls, ready for scenting. Come early summer, the pearls are carefully transported to Guangxi province, where they are placed onto bamboo mats and laid with fresh jasmine flowers repeatedly for five nights. This meticulous process imbues each pearl with a deeply floral aroma, a sweet, honey-like liquor and a long-lasting finish.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

3 - 5 mins at 85°C - 90°C

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