Lemongrass Tea 20p

Lemongrass Tea 20p


Lemongrass Tea with its explosion of aromas, refreshing with lemon taste, is an ideal substitute for afternoon coffee, because it stimulates the senses.

Serve Lemongrass Tea warm or chilled for a delightfully cooling and tasty refreshment.

20p Pyramid Teabags

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Lemongrass Tea is grown in many countries around the world. It’s often used in Asian cuisine.

Apart from its healing properties, lemongrass is a herb with a subtle tinge of citrus freshness. Due to flavonoids, lemongrass is one of the most important natural antioxidants.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

5 - 7 mins at 96°C - 98°C

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