Peach Breeze Tea 100g

Peach Breeze Tea 100g


Peach Breeze Tea is an aromatic and sweet infusion, with the taste of ripe peaches and a seductive smell.

Peach Breeze Tea, as its name suggests, this palatable summer blend is a mix of white and green tea, with notes of peach and lychee, ending on a creamy note.

100g Pouch

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The perfect peach iced tea for that sweltering summer day. Combining the precious white and green tea with the fruity touch of peaches, this wonderful blend invites you to dreams full of pleasure, with the thought of summer.

It is a real delight even when served with ice.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot, or iced

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

3-4 mins at 80°C -85°C

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