Yunnan Silver Tips Tea 50g

Yunnan Silver Tips Tea 50g


Yunnan Silver Tips Tea is a classic, elegant choice for a quiet evening of tea appreciation.

Yunnan Silver Tips Tea, tippy white tea leaf buds from Si Mao, South of Yunnan, 1000m above sea level.

50g Pouch

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Comprised of beautifully long tips of the tea plant, this white tea imparts a silky smooth body and captivating aroma. The harvest of the tips, allows us to experience a unique delicacy in our cups. Yunnan silver needle white tea leaves are fat single buds covered in silver fuzz. Its leaves are longer and stronger, less grassy but more regional aroma, compared with the fuding silver needle tea from Fujian province.

A smooth sweetness that is truly distinctive.

The Perfect Sip:

Best served hot

Hot Tea Brewing Guide:

2 - 3 mins at 80°C - 85°C

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